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Looking for really old players (Play server?)

  • Looking for really old players (Play server?)

    Hello everyone!

    I started to play this game when (i think it first started, or atleast a year or so afterwards)
    My current name in the game was Dragonarcher, this was nearly 10+ years ago i believe.

    It was an english server, and some names that pops up into my head when thinking about the game are

    Trollmud (i think)

    Believe the server was called play, not really sure, but it was such a long time ago.
    Does this ring any bell towards anyone?

    Think i also spoke to a guy very often, called grizzly, grizzle, grissle, something, he was the owner of the game, or atleast worked with it.

    Thanks for the replies before hand.
    Created: 16 October 2015 18:08 by Dragon22
  • Looking for really old players (Play server?)

    There is alot of the old EA/Play players on saga, might log in there and see if any of them are who you are looking for. 
    Created: 19 October 2015 06:05 by mouse

    I was on the old Eacceleration Play server back on 1.21.... easily 15 years ago more even.I even GMed there for a while. 
    Created: 02 February 2016 20:40 by EvilDeeds
  • EAccel

    I played on EAccel before ravens dust came out and there was still rusted weapons. This was easily 15+ years ago before version 1.0. Bacarat was my toon. Anyonme remembers brandon2000 or Yodaman?
    Created: 10 April 2016 16:46 by ccorrin

    hey Guys used to play on eaccel way back then as well. Back in the Gryvine days, Toon was Awtright, I played with NOTA quite a bit, I definitely remember Brandon2000 
    Created: 02 December 2016 10:11 by PhaetonSiX
  • Eaccel Play Server

    Hey! I remember all of those names, Mine was PlatinumZX3. Stupid name I know but when I first made it I had no idea I would end up playing it for years lol. those were the good ole day.
    Created: 24 March 2017 19:13 by fdg156
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