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Last Mini Easter Event Was Run In Game (Sunday April 5th 2015)

  • Last Mini Easter Event Was Run In Game (Sunday April 5th 2015)

    Wanna thank DarkNess GM for his help and rules make sure you guys thank him.
    Hope you guys enjoy the event that was ran it was a idea of mine last minute was put together thank you for following rules and been nice thank you all hope to run another better event soon make sure you comment if you join event :)
    Created: 05 April 2015 16:54 by RuptureT4C
  • Hurray for Dark and Rup!

    You guys did a great job today. Rup, you totally deserve a promotion, and Dark, well, as usual, great GM.

    Thanks a whole lot for this unplanned event, for something spontaneous, it turned up much, much better than I expected, which is all kudos for you guys.

    Thanks a lot and lata bros :).
    Created: 05 April 2015 17:36 by labamatii1
  • ...

    It sure was fun hope to make much more events later on with more staff involve for better rules and game play thanks for your feedback see you in game :)
    Replied: 05 April 2015 17:48 by RuptureT4C
  • :)

    Thanks for joining! And Your Welcome! 
    Created: 05 April 2015 18:43 by Darkness GM
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