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LIsts for Santa's Scavenger Hunt

  • LIsts for Santa's Scavenger Hunt

    Hi all!!!
    Here are the lists for the Santa's Scavenger Hunt!!
    Event last 48 hours after which you will after to turn in your items for claim your prize!!!
    Lists are according to your levels!
    Good luck all and Happy Hunting!
    List for Arakas (level 1-25)
    Amulet of dodging x 1Antelope skins x 50Apples x 25Blank magic scrolls x 50Bracelet of power x 1Cloak of deceit x 1Cloth scraps x 50Dark keys x 10Decaying bat wings x 25Elderberry x 25Feathers x 10Fireblinkers x 100Goblin Blood x 10Goblin blade x 1Goblin skin x 50Iron keys x 5Jarko's Amulet x 2Kingsfoil x 25Kraanian eggs x 50Mint condition mints x 50Pink tree leaf x 2Pouch of yellow powder x 2See grass x 25Shiny mints x 50Sparkweed x 25String x 50Sword of fury x 3Triffid x 25Vial of spider venom x 5Woodland robe x 3

    List for Raven's Dust (level 26-50)
    Black Lizardskin boots x 1Bloodstone necklace x 1Bow of the spiders x 1Cape of fire resistance x 2Cloak of the skull x 1Dead fish x 25Death Jester skull x 10Demon tree leaves x 100Dragon's tooth x 10Empty mug x 20Flask of air x 50Flask of bluish liquid x 10Flask of crystal water x 10Flask of fire x 50Gleaming shards x 25Golden chalice x 10Jade ring of sorcery x 1Juicy hams x 100Human foot x 1Light essence fragment x 25Magical lute x 10Mummy's bandages x 50Orcish shield x 1Potion of heroism x 10Pouch of blue cohosh x 10Pouch of witch Hazel x 10Skeleton bones x 25Red gem x 3Ring of the bear x 5Ring of the forester x 1Shaman's mantle x 1Spool of wool x 100Stone keys x 5Tarantula eyes x 100Yellow gem x3

    List for Stoneheim (level 51+)
    Assassin blade x 3Blackened Iron Key x 3Blade of heroism x 20Blank magic tome x 10Bow of centaur slaying x 1Bracers of battle x  1Cat claw ornated staff x 1Chaos Keys x 25Cord of treachery x 2Cracked blue bracers x 1Crude Skraug bow x 1Darkwood shield x 1Dragon scale x 10Essence of bloodlust x 20Finely crafted drums x 5Finely cut moonstone x 5Flask of crystal water x 15Gauntlets of shocking x 1Gem of the immortal x 20Gold ore x 25Grail of purity x 25Human bones x 50Key of the lost soul x 5Lost psalms of Artherk x 5 full setsRed spell book x 10Ring of the rogue x 10Sacrificial daggers of bleeding x 20Spectral helm x 1Spider shape ring x 1Spider venoms x 25Tarantula fangs x 25Villain skull x 100Moon Tug scalps x 200Silk x 50Wasp Wax x 100
    Created: 26 December 2013 00:12 by Wolverine HGM DEV
  • Thank you Saga Team

    Thank you for the awsome hunt it was so fun even tho it was time consuming lol but still very enjoyable to say the least 8o)
    Created: 28 December 2013 04:22 by Elrik292
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