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In RM item mall I have questions about 2 of the consumables

  • In RM item mall I have questions about 2 of the consumables

    I have a few questions about the spell and extend gem consumable items in the RM Item Mall: Are they  timed or Permanent?  If they are temporary, how long will they be effective?   10 mins, 20 mins?
    If they are permanent: I am assuming that when I re-seraph, they would be reset (meaning I would have to purchase them again.

    Lastly, are they cumulative, since one adds 10 to my self-spells, will 2 add 20. If they are cumulative, is there a cap, meaning 5 spell timer extensions etc.
    Thanks for your help.
    Created: 12 May 2019 15:25 by HolyTerror
  • Spells and Gems

    You buy the scroll for the CS quest gem like Gem of Flames and Gem of Immortal that extends 60 secs to 10mins etc
    Same thing with Extented spell timer fro like clear thought and tranquility and stone skin I think.. read the description when you purchase them.

    the CS gems are not removed after seraphing and I highly doubt it will be removed after seraphing too as it is a purchase. I have never reseraphed a toon so I don't know but I would think not.
    you have a scroll you activate and a gem timer/spell timer in your bag.  you only need to case your spells as normal and the timer ill extend.  Hope that helps.
    Created: 13 May 2019 22:05 by Smetty
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