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Iceland bosses

  • Iceland bosses

    I was out with Cix and Sev today and we were farming the iceland bosses. Both the icequeen and abom yeti took zero damage from the three of us attacking. All three of us are over level 140. I dont think that this is right when I can hit the monsters in the rooms with them for 500-700 a hit.
    Created: 23 August 2013 21:50 by Ironhands
  • Iceland Bosses

    Please also fix the gold drop or sellable item drops.  It's sad that the best gold farming by a mile is on SH, the Vircom created third island.  I can collect more in an hour in Skraugs or Gremlins than I can in a day at spiders and probably more than a week at wolves (which is the worst place I've ever seen for gold, considering the level required to hunt there).  How bout putting in some junk drops on 4i?  I can get Mith Blade +1 from Mord's skellies and High Metal Hand Axe from Mord's Dungeon.  How bout more things like this that we can sell?  I'm never going to make a dime off crafting, but I'm going to bury 100 million gold into it.  That's a hell of a lot of spiders I'll have to kill at 300 gold per...
    Created: 24 August 2013 01:46 by cixelsyd
  • Iceland

    Can you also make all the the iceland boss give xp on killing. That place it tough to run around solo on. If the xp was like that then maybe it could be a good place to xp.
    Created: 24 August 2013 08:58 by Ironhands
  • Iceland monsters

    I found a place today on Iceland that is about 217 mil xp per hour. I know that is nothing compared to wolves but it is better than spiders. Only problem I saw with this spot is that I was also with a warrior and he only got about half of the xp I was getting, because the xp for all the Iceland monsters not all being given on the kill. I think if all the Iceland monsters had their xp given on kill that it might make leveling in places on Iceland possible. I think that if the xp was on kill for all Iceland monsters and shared like spiders and wolves. Then people would have a reason to go level on Iceland because the xp could be better there if the system for it was set up different. As of right now why would an archer or melee class want go to Iceland to level, when the Aoeing mages will make 50% more xp than they will. I know that Iceland was also made with the ideal of having people group but if the xp on all the monsters is not shared evenly on kill why even go.

    Created: 24 August 2013 22:59 by Ironhands
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