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I'd like to get my 1500 T4C$ back.

  • I'd like to get my 1500 T4C$ back.

    Hello, I just bought 1500 T4C$ about 20 minutes ago, intending to buy a x1 seraph for Neerya, wich I did through this websit but apparently you have to get it with Theos d'Or, rather than the x1 Seraph option, and talk to some NPC ingame.So I'd like to cancel it, and get my T4C$ back so I can buy Theos d'Or, and get what I paid for. Thanks in advance.
    Created: 26 March 2014 13:59 by Quetchi
  • Probleme regl√©

    Merci à Druss
    Created: 27 March 2014 13:46 by Quetchi
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