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I think my player account is locked

  • I think my player account is locked

    Title pretty well says it all.
    I try and log in and it says "User does not exist or is disabled".
    I'll also be posting this on the Bible as I don't know which is checked more often.
    Created: 27 August 2013 13:10 by Cr4sh0veryde
  • ...

    As I quickly realize that this is NOT the proper place for this post, I'll be putting it under the Help forum.
    Replied: 27 August 2013 13:30 by Cr4sh0veryde
  • Emailing

    I know we're emailing now to try and resolve your issue. But to anyone else having issues like this, it's far better to email me at for a much quicker response time and assistance :).
    Created: 27 August 2013 14:55 by Alastor
  • account issu

    Hello, to anny problem with account, test creat account in realmud, and go in undergame guid wizard migration and log your news account and him need after you log your old account, or post a tiket in issu account.
    Skraug CM fr
    Created: 23 November 2018 02:47 by The Skraug
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