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I have a suggestion to make about PvP and PvE on the server and more

  • I have a suggestion to make about PvP and PvE on the server and more

    Back in 2000 when I was playing in the Greek T4C Server we where divided in four religions. Those who wanted PvP would join Artherk (good // good path // white wings) or Ogrimar (evil // evil path // black wings). Those who wanted PvE would join Pangaia (Love for Nature // neutral) or Talantia (traders // neutral). Each religion had 10 ranks which each one of them required a quest that you would give in the god of the religion (played by a GM) and each rank gave you various bonuses. Each religion had a council consisting of three people. The level from which the PvP would start was decided by the GM. PvP wasn't allowed inside towns.Of course you could choose not to join a religion
    Furthermore there was the option to train stats. Each stat did cost an amound of gold and max stats that you could train was 150 (from a GM).Moreover, items difficult to obtain like azure and ancient armor could be purchased from a GM in exchange for a quest or gold.I would like if you want to hear your opinions about these ideas.
    Edward Elric 
    Created: 28 May 2018 06:04 by Rethnar152115
  • hey

    this event is from the old bible gm no ?, but is was to the server role playe with a storie roleplay?
    Created: 25 June 2018 10:30 by demdem HCL
  • agree

    I think the religion / guild idea was great. ( i was there too ), including the ranks . Puts a lot more to rp rather than just joining a guild just for the benefit of being in one. 
    Created: 27 November 2018 13:53 by wallacito
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