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Hidden forum Vote

  • Hidden forum Vote

    Here something most of you wouldn't of known about havoc HGM has created a vote about what to do with havoc settings link:

    Players know of the settings upon playing havoc IT SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED..
    Created: 08 February 2014 22:42 by Earthlink
  • Never intended for it to be hidden. Apologies

    Good morning. I wanted to apologize to those that thought this was meant to be hidden. It is definitely not the case.It was posted in the havoc forum here that the page was live. I thought it had been posted here as well. We most definitely are not trying to cheat old players..... We are wanting them back!!!!
    I also intended to put it on the bible - the new page I mean, but have had problems logging into my account. I am sorry that it seemed this way. Working on getting into the bible too. 
    Also, I will be getting in contact with the right person to have server page linked to the bible servers. Again, staff here never meant to hide anything. I just wanted to address this. 
    We have been trying to get the information out there. :-)
    Pandora Hart GM - Havoc
    Created: 09 February 2014 08:27 by TempestGM
  • lol

    Poll is a poll, plus the authority have their eyes everywhere,so I see nothing critical in that.

    Cheers from Saga. =)
    Created: 10 February 2014 22:33 by gunblade
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