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Hi Realmud

  • Hi Realmud

    Hi Folks, I use to have a 10x and was a GM on play in eA server years ago and was talked into coming back to t4c by a good friend after he told me its no longer run by eA :)Ive been back for 8 to 10 weeks or so and have got my 2 toons onto rd and ss when they go and announce that the server is shutting down for good :(I found Trilogy to be a very helpful server from the GM's helping out and all other players very friendly and very willing to help out far Realmud (2 days lol) has shown itself to be the same sort of server and I thank you for the help so far.Can anyone point me to where the Realmud quests are and any where else that explains the subtle differences in the server?So far I have found brother Rune for spells, picked up a blessed weapon and found the VIP entrance in olwin haad's cave. but I see a heap of ne npc's in buildings I don't recognise and some that we had on trilogy not here.we use to have quests for newborns in trilogy that gave special capes, armour, weapons etc. so I am wondering if its the same in this server? Thanks guys and ill see you in game.MerlzJr aka BillyT
    Created: 04 October 2013 07:03 by GazFaz
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    Hey there GazFaz, welcome to Realmud. Eventually the server specific content will get added to But for now you will find these links very useful:

    Created: 04 October 2013 09:47 by Alastor
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