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Havoc Site is Live along with a self supporting forum!!!

  • Havoc Site is Live along with a self supporting forum!!!

    Good morning. This was put in the Havoc thread, but it was not added into the General thread so going to do this now. And as soon as I can get my bible log-on to work I will do it there also. HAHA. 
    Anyhow is now live!!! It is still being filled in and I am going as fast as I can with the info that I have available. also has a self supporting forum, please go register and get involved there. This way, we have 3 different locations to post events and concerns and just whatever we feel needs to be said!!!!
    Pandora Hart GM - Havoc
    Created: 09 February 2014 08:53 by TempestGM
  • We don't need  a third forum forum is main source for all communication, why should we as players need to keep checking all three forums? it's complete time waster. yes I know this forum is not that good that's why there is still no wonder t4c is failing cause non of you's can't keep it simple...
    Created: 09 February 2014 11:14 by Earthlink
  • Dafuq?

    I agree with Earthlink.

    Not to mention your site looks like it belongs on geocities 12 years ago... aka a piece of shit.
    Created: 10 February 2014 00:06 by dhonald
  • not bad

    Good job on website,even though the 3rd forum to check is kinda complicated but its just my opinion. Well done.
    Created: 10 February 2014 22:35 by gunblade
  • Thank You

    Wanted to say thanks. Got a long long way to go. This is far from final.  It is very simple and basic info at this point. I am not happy with it at all yet, but am far more worried about getting the content in it before I go for the actual look I want. There was a certain appearance I was asked for that I am trying to work with. lol.  That however (the content) should be done soon. Then I can make it look better. :-)
    Created: 11 February 2014 07:40 by TempestGM
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