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Havoc Scavenger Hunt - Long Term Event - Entry Phase

  • Havoc Scavenger Hunt - Long Term Event - Entry Phase

    Good evening. I am going to start a scavenger hunt. It will have the entry phase, plus 3 more phases. As long as you get me all the items asked for, you will continue to the next phase.At the end... there will be a portal race. The date and time for that will be announced and set up so you can plan or we can arrange it so it's good for everyone.Everyone that makes it to the final phase will receive some sort of prize. The portal race winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will receive better bigger prizes. :D
    ANY LEVEL IS WELCOME, if you have toons that have at least access to Stoneheim, this is better, however, you should have time to move on to wherever you need to be. So even if you are new to the server, you will have no problems with this event. 
    So simple to start. I need the following items for ENTRY into to the Event.
    3 Rings of Light3 Kraanian Eggs3 Pouches of Yellow Powder15000 Gold
    Just bring them to me and you will be entered!!!You must use the same toon throughout the entire event. You are entering that toon. You can collect with others, but you must turn in your items on the toon you choose to put in the hunt and race.
    Entry phase will end in 1 week.
    Monday  April 14, 2014. 
    I will announce the names of those who have entered then. This works much better, the more players we have in the event.
    After announcing who moves on to the next phase, I will announce the items you must find and bring to me. Hope to see you all soon. 
    Feel free to facebook, message here, or send me an email letting me know that you have your items.
    Again, this will be posted in all 4 avenues of communication. So you will be able to keep up anyway that you choose. 
    Created: 07 April 2014 18:34 by PandoraHartHGM
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