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Havoc Event - Portal Hunt 03/22/2014

  • Havoc Event - Portal Hunt 03/22/2014

    I intend to do a portal hunt next Saturday March 22, 2014. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about,  I will hide portals..... 3 on each of the first 3 islands. They can be anywhere at all. In woods, caves, dungeons, houses, on roads, by water, in middle of nowhere..... Anywhere.If you happen to find and enter the portal, there will be gifts on the other side as well as another portal to take you back to your sanctuary to start looking for next one, or go on about your business. In total there will be 9 portals. So 9 piles.The plan is to have the portals up, set, and hidden by 10 am EST. They will stay there for the full day or until all 9 are found and emptied....Whichever comes first. If you enter a portal and there is nothing there, someone has already found that one. Happy hunting!!!!
    Pandora Hart GM
    Created: 14 March 2014 07:40 by TempestGM
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