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Havent played in a year

  • Havent played in a year

    Haven't logged in in roughly a year. Update launched but where are the patch notes? What has changed? Checked forum expecting a long list of updates and new stuff being added (a whole year has passed).  There really needs to be better communication with patch notes and updates. Every game I have ever played has a list of patch notes.

    Worth playing again? Or should I play some more WoW?
    Created: 27 December 2014 09:48 by bless
  • Changes

    I think if you have not came back in to the game to check it out that you should. Things are changing and people are coming back as well as new players are coming.
    Metropolis has been put into the game. All the crafting has been moved to this island. Soon the doors will open and The Wing room will be open where you can visually see all the wings available in game. Also opening soon will be the slot machines. From the slot machines you have the ability to win gold, weapons, armor, etc. Each machine will have a set amount of GM tokens that is required to play. VIP is available and there is a free trial that you can use to check it out. These VIP sections are very good for collecting quest items at a higher drop rate.  They will be changing and growing. There is also a new Capture the Flag event that has gone in to play which is quite fun to play. It involves only one flag that moves...that is all I will say.
    We have two new Dev Assistants who are working very hard in coordination with Wolverine to get Islands built, quests put in, and new npcs in to play. Some of the things coming shortly involve: Water world, Fire world, Guild islands of three sizes and related quests and items.
    Also under construction is an air world and a guild war (or team) pvp event where you have to fight your way to a castle and fight to take control of the castle.
    Wolverine is working hard in  selecting people who are helping the server advance and become its individual identity. He has many ideas for the future and is always willing to listen for ways to better the game.
    These are a few things, not all inclusive that have changed since you were here. I hope this helps you some. Honestly, the best thing to do is check things out in game.
    Created: 11 January 2015 11:39 by Drusilia HellHound
  • Would love to have you return

    Theres many changes as stated above. I would like to see you return...Please let me know if you need anything!
    Savage HGM 
    Created: 14 January 2015 01:39 by Savage HGM
  • Havent played in a year

    Checking in again a year later from my original post.
    Anything new? I checked out the VIP island a year ago. Got some new wings and now checking back in a year later.
    Any new quests? Are the SAGA weapons still pretty much un-obtainable? I don't see anything new on the shop.
    Are the new spells still overpowered? I remember the air and dark spells we're so overpowered a archer/war/pally we're on the bottom of pvp and pve.
    I am not trying to bash anything, just want to understand if anything has changed to warrant a return. I really miss T4C.. I seem to get these yearly cravings of nostalgia.
    Created: 02 February 2016 12:35 by bless
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