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Haven't played in a year

  • Haven't played in a year

    Checking in again a year later from the last time I played...
    Anything new? I checked out the VIP island a year ago. Got some new wings and now checking back in a year later.
    Any new quests? Are the SAGA weapons still pretty much un-obtainable? I don't see anything new on the shop.
    Are the new spells still overpowered? I remember the air and dark spells we're so overpowered a archer/war/pally we're on the bottom of pvp and pve.
    I am not trying to bash anything, just want to understand if anything has changed to warrant a return. I really miss T4C.. I seem to get these yearly cravings of nostalgia.
    Created: 02 February 2016 14:13 by bless
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