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HELP! new player

  • HELP! new player

    Hi guys,

    Even though I have played t4c 10 years ago and i am having problems to play it now...
    Its a hard game to start playing without any tuturial in the begging.

    I have some question...

    1. Is there a way to storage your items? or i need to keep it in the backpack and lose 5% whem i die?

    2. Is there a easy way to travel between the cities?

    3. where are the best places to xp and the easy way to advance in game? Anyone have a walkthrough or tips for a new player?

    4. what can i do becoming VIP? Worth it?

    Created: 06 August 2014 08:19 by Mambo
  • Help Answered

    Hello,  I will make a video and post it on my youtube channel about all the things you need to know about how to play T4C. Just give me some time to create it.
    Created: 06 August 2014 08:54 by Smetty
  • Welcome Back!

    Hey Mambo. Welcome back! To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, you can find storage chests throughout the game, there are 3 within Lighthaven (the starting city), one can be found in the bank, one in the tavern and one in the apple field near the stables.

    2. If you walk to Windhowl you can purchase Scrolls of Lighthaven and Scrolls of Windhowl, when using these they will teleport you to the cities so it's always handy to carry a few.

    3. The optimum area to level/xp is in VIP islands, there you receive a far greater leveling experience than if you were to hunt monsters normally. Though it is still doable if you decide not to pay for VIP. Fallens for example on Arakas are a good place to level if you do not have VIP. But you should know, VIP on Arakas is free until level 21. (Plus you have the 15 day trial located under MY ACCOUNT).

    4. Being VIP grants various features, access to VIP islands as I've just mentioned, Miracle Stone for occasional spell ups (when activated by a HGM), the ability to buy +3 weapons from a vendor located at Orkanis Castle, store exclusives such as Double XP orbs and the use of Companions (pets), and access to the Auction House (though if you're in a guild the AH is free for you).

    I hope these have answered your questions, if you have any others please feel free to email me on

    And thank you Smetty for working on a tutorial!
    Created: 06 August 2014 09:57 by Alastor
  • Tnks!

    Thanks for helping me!

    I still have some doubts...

    How i use the storage chests?

    The only way to go to the others island is doing the good or evil path?

    If i buy a 2x or 3x character i will have acess to SH, RD and 4th island or i will need to do all the quests?

    sry to bother you with many questions!

    Created: 06 August 2014 15:37 by Mambo
  • No Problem

    We're here to help.

    You just simply click on a storage chest and a window will pop up for you to store your items, and don't worry it is entirely safe, only your items will be displayed in your chest.

    You need to select your path, good or evil. Then undertake their quests, you should read up on them a lot first before you commit to a path.

    On the shop seraphs, they come as level 1, and you will need to do all quests on them. Each time you rebirth you will need to redo all quests as they do not save, as essentially you are starting a 'new life' as an X seraph.

    Feel free to ask any questions anytime.
    Created: 06 August 2014 22:03 by Alastor
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