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Great Idea....

  • Great Idea....

    From an Old player...
    There should be a fresh start, im talking a server wipe, everyone starts from square 1 again... take away vip leveling and you got yourself a fun game again. Or a new server (i'm a realmud player so a server exactly like realmud).
    that would be a lot of fun to have to level up with everyone again and collect shit like we did in the old days, the hard way. i think it could bring back a few players. i would certainly play again.
    a Fresh Start would be Healthy for this game, starting over. That's just My opinion... :)

    DarkStar FoS HL.
    Created: 07 November 2014 19:08 by Sodaht
  • Arkansas-only server

    As a former Wizard Realmer who wouldn't mind revisiting old memories, I yearn for a kind of legacy server or, put in more concrete terms, an Arkansas only server (in the beginning) that progressed as the game eventually would, ala from Raven's Dust to whatever they called that third island...
    But it would have to be free. Put in ads if you had to, but T4C should be free. 

    Created: 27 December 2014 18:39 by shmglsky
  • Abusive Payment system

    Just remove Vip and webshop items .. this is ridiculous ... T4C is a game to be Free ... The valors is to expensive if you compare with another games ... I agree with  shmglsky, Put ads but is to expensive for a player pay for all game ! 
    Created: 09 September 2015 08:10 by solidsnake
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