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GM, what are you doing?

  • GM, what are you doing?

    So, this past days we had halloween event. The only member of the staff present is our beloved Alastor. Where are the other GMs? The only one that logged 15 minutes was Eirine (sp?). What are the other GMs doing? Do we even need them at this point? I understand RL blah blah, but Ala took his time to make an event for us. What about the others? They only log for 1 month after they get GM status, then they disappear. We need active GMs, that interact with the players. Don`t want to do this? Then don`t be a GM.

    On your post about Halloween you make it sound like a big, nice, fun event. Yesterday (2/10/14) no staff member showed up, leaving 40 people hanging like dummies.
    Created: 03 November 2014 12:00 by asdf
  • ..

    Hey asdf. It was my pleasure to be on during Halloween (I love it!). Plus I do enjoy doing things for RM's players. On the GMs activity, I'm discussing it with them to find out what's up and to sort solutions, life does tend to get a grip on you at times, I know myself from experience, though staff is an internal affair and I will resolve it, whether that be motivation or replacement where/if needed. I hope you and others enjoyed the events/activities I set. Stay tuned as I'll be posting more event happenings very soon!
    Created: 03 November 2014 21:05 by Alastor
  • Shinigami GM

    Greetings! It pains me that I missed the events, and I had no intention of "leaving 40 people hanging like dummies"... To explain my situation: First, I worked 30 hours from Friday to Sunday, that is day-shift so that means leaving for work at 12:00 noon and then clocking in at 1:00pm, working until close at 10:00, and then finishing my day-end paperwork and leaving work by 11:00pm to get home around midnight and then get ready to do the same the next day... As for my normal activity, I have been a GM for 8+ years and I believe that I am very active. I make it a point to be on just about every day, although it has to be at night after work and on my off days. Days that I have off work, I spend upward to 8-9 hours online and interacting with players. (and the logs to prove it). I designed and ran the big Thanksgiving Event last year myself, I organised and managed the Screenshot Contests for the past 2 years, and run a myriad of raids and smaller events regularly. If there was a problem with my activity, I'm sure that both Alastor and Mouse would be blowing up my phone to find out why. As that is not the case, I continue to be very active on the server. Again, I'm sorry that I missed the Halloween event, but I am working on a few events that I will be hosting soon. 
    Created: 03 November 2014 21:40 by Shinigami GM
  • No excuses

    First of all Some Game Masters do some good work but if life has a grip on you pass the spot to someone who has time there is lots of players who pay and love to help others out very well who are on 12hours+ and next these events are getting weaker by the minute rare wins for lower classes there is 45+ players on during event and only 3 or 5 wins are granted pretty lame to me i rather not even try. Next I don't understand Rmg's then GM then no more logging I was a RMG for Rm and log daily i retired when i knew i was not going to be online to give the players another person who can guide them there is no excuse simply retired and help out as a volunteer with out STAFF tag or do your job that you agree to do I will be helping Alastor to make RealMud fun and great again everyone needs to do their part specially those who agree to be staff members and HGM's other then that least let the players know so they can quit in advance i am tired of hearing that this or that and mouse coming in and trying to calm the situation down (Wake up neerya is about to be the last server running and 4th saga which seem dead in july of 2014) :)
    Created: 17 November 2014 08:12 by shaneO
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