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Full Screen?

  • Full Screen?

    Is there a way to play T4C in full screen? I've been searching everywhere to no avail. I can't even see an option in the game settings. The game automatically goes window mode. I'm running win10.
    Created: 01 July 2016 20:26 by ayzhen
  • T4CCONFIG.exe


    open up your "The Fourth Coming" folder and open t4cconfig.exe,  uncheck "windowed" mode!

    You will have fullscreen!

    Created: 10 July 2016 02:38 by Smetty
  • Not Responding

    I know this is a very old question, but upon ticking off windowed mode and launch the game, after I click connect, the game freezes and I cannot do anyting. I then have to alt-tab and go to task manager and end task. I have tried setting the game in compatibility mode but it doesn't fix it. Is there a way I can ply in fullscreen at all?
    Thank you.
    Created: 31 July 2018 14:16 by jayzorgames
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