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Freyia's Blessing

  • Freyia's Blessing

    Freyia's Blessing

    May we please have an event for this item.  Ever since it was created I have not seen an event with this item.  And it's been like 2 years.

    Lets have it already. 
    Created: 28 March 2014 19:58 by Smetty
  • Need Staff online long enuff to hold an event..

    Sapphire RMG needs to be made GM, be your only hope for an event like that. She does her best to do events with limited powers, and only 1 i've seen hold smaller events since i've been on server, other than the occasional raid.
    Created: 29 March 2014 07:53 by Uradrix
  • Freyia Blessing

    There has been quite a few events in the past with it as a prize offer, some have chosen other rewards when it was offered. The last event was some time ago but one will be soon I'm sure, it isn't offered too often as it was never intended to be like that. But as I said, I'm sure one is coming ;).

    P.s. You can also hunt the slot machine for a chance at receiving one, a slim chance but a chance nevertheless!

    *cough* The bunnies are watching!
    Created: 29 March 2014 17:33 by Alastor
  • Slot

    Sure but only flaw in that, and i know for fact im not only player with this problem, but after clicking the slot it says you need to wait 24 hours, even if its been 6 months since youve clicked it, its like this all on several of my toons and others i know..
    Created: 30 March 2014 05:22 by Uradrix
  • the fix

    I've had that happen too. Was told its a flag sticking issue and any GM can fix it.
    Created: 30 March 2014 21:20 by Zetes
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