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Fire mage items?

  • Fire mage items?

    Since it's so hard to keep track on this server on what items are still in game or removed/added, can someone with some insight help me out and tell me if there are any new fire mage items for bracelets/rings/amu/robe?
    Created: 03 June 2014 18:15 by Fruitroller
  • Yea!

    Robe - Pink/Red robe of the wizard from Crimsoin Goblins (Elysium/4i)
    Bracelet - Shackle of Ferocity from Jestkal the Furious (north gates of SSK,outside) + crafted by Jeweler
    Ring - Inferno Ring from Elite Dracon (They spawn at the long road between south mountains of RD Desert and the ocean.

    Created: 10 June 2014 03:14 by Deadwood EGM
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