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    The new island was very well made but, there is nothing to do in it. To leave the realmud with more than 50 onlines, staff voices need to end with vip 185 and create xp on the new island. Ex: vip = orb 10x (infinity) or some other strategy.
    Free pvp in town and all over the island.
    quests: need to have a good reward ... ex: weapons, armor, xp, big boss WITH XP !!!
    So simple to do !!!!
    Created: 12 June 2019 10:03 by minha13
  • Vip Rooms

    to me ViP Rooms ruined this game, just makes people walk in circles like zombies and spreads us the players too thin. It would be so much better to remove them and give those who have vip a 1 hour xp scroll that has infinite uses as long as you have vip. Whether its 1.2x or 2x or 5x xp is up to the server but please for the love of artherk get rid of these stupid vip islands. I personally have no intentions on playing again until the new stuff comes out but i do love the new 4i revamp and like the general direction the staff is headed but the vip islands are crap and have always been crap to me.
    Created: 16 June 2019 15:04 by ieetnoobs
  • Agreed

    Come on staff, it has been passed 4 months since you've posted about a major update on Realmud and what we got until now: - An useless island (useless quests, poor drops and no PvP)- Useless new skills, since they depend on new equipments- We've lost soooo many players that already stopped playing because they are tired of waiting for real updates
    Its easy! Simple things you need to do:- RELEASE NEW ITEMS/EQUIPMENTS- Create new XP spots OUTSIDE VIP AREAS, around the new 4th isle- Create new bosses with good rewards (XP, Rare Items, etc) - This makes server much more dynamic. Guilds will organize groups and fight each other to kill bosses.
    Created: 16 June 2019 15:24 by archer1
  • we need a feedback

    I agree what ppl said..Staff made a great job on the new island but its useless, the rewards on quests are worst to CS quest, and we are lvl 200+ players doing this, so dont loose ur time doing.. the island is too big for the current number of online players, monsters are overpowered and give no xp.... No bosses to kill. So... until now we have nothing to do in this island, theres no challenge.and i agree with the vip island thing too... would be fun if we could xp outside vip exploring different places, moster and bosses to xp, not running in circles in an infinite loop.and of course we all are waiting for new content  like armors spells weapons etc
    Created: 17 June 2019 09:20 by fritopoulos
  • Moving to 4island's temple

    Moving to 4island's temple when u click on the npc in sh temple. this way was much better.
    Created: 26 June 2019 23:52 by sugubu2
  • Pretty Sad

    Pretty sad no staff has responded to this at all, everyone is correct in this thread minus the moving 4island to temple. I think the ship idea is super unique and cool.
    Created: 12 July 2019 23:24 by jtallee
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