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Event "Lost Items of the Sorcerer"

  • Event "Lost Items of the Sorcerer"

    We have met a Sorcerer in the woods today. He was so upset, because he fooled himself. He had a dream that he creates a Scroll of Wealth. When he woke up he tried to remember what should be done to create it. After having a beer in the Tavern, he realized what is needed and started to work on it. Finally the Scroll was made and he started to cast the spell. Something went wrong and he appeared in the woods, absolutely naked! All his gear and stuff disappeared! We encourage you, Saga Heroes, to help this Sorcerer and return all his items back! Totally he lost 10 very important items. Starting from now, you have 48 hours to retrieve the items! For each item, at the end of event, you will be nicely rewarded! These items can be ANYWHERE on ARAKAS. Good Luck. As a hint, the Sorcerer gave us a list of items that were lost:

     A Bronze Bar

    An Hourglass

     A Scroll

    A Bag (Alchemy Kit skin)

    A Bundle of Keys

    A Bundle of Potions

    A Crown

    A Green Robe

    An Orb of Light

    A Scepter

    P.S. If you find an item, an EGM will ask for a proof. Please, write down the coordinates where you find it, will be much easier to track down the winners, thanks!

    Created: 21 June 2014 16:28 by Deadwood EGM
  • lol

    I didnt underestimate you folks,event over! Only 3 hours later lol! Thanks for playing!

    1st Place. Cix el Syd (Robe, Scepter, Orb, Crown, Potions, Bag, Hourglass) - 3,000,000 Gold, x7 GM Tokens, x1 XP Orb (15 min).
    2nd Place. Ossamoel (Scroll, Bar) - 2,000,000 Gold, x5 GM Tokens.
    3rd Place. Butty (Keys) - 1,000,000 Gold, x3 GM Tokens.
    Created: 21 June 2014 19:25 by Deadwood EGM
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