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Eaccel Play Server - Anyone Still around?

  • Eaccel Play Server - Anyone Still around?

    Hey all,This is Dark Sith-FX from the old days. Just wondering if any of the old gang is still around on this server? 
    Created: 17 September 2015 18:55 by shawnsuess
  • Around

    There are many around. Best bet is to create a character and log in. You'll recognize a bunch of names. 
    Created: 18 September 2015 10:33 by thebest
  • Trying

    Yeah I'm working with Greg to try and figure out how to launch in Windows 10. Everything I have tried is still failing. Updated drivers, windowed mode, compatability in Windows 7/XP/Vista...the list goes on lol...not giving up though! 
    Created: 19 September 2015 21:15 by shawnsuess
  • HEY!!

    Hey man I was Grumpy-FX- and Haemon-SKG. i knew Cyclops-FX- and Exodus-FX- and played with Beldor for a few years. Can hardly remember you but the name looks familiar haha.. guess 17+ years will do that. My toon now is Argh and playing on Saga
    Created: 20 September 2015 11:46 by Haemon
  • HEYO

    Hey! I remember the name Grumpy-FX- for sure! I finally was able to log in last night with the help of Greg and started out leveling on Saga. I will stick to Saga since that is where most of the Ea peeps are! My toon is Dark Sith, figured that would be easiest for people to recognize me. Looking forward to seeing you online! 
    Created: 20 September 2015 17:20 by shawnsuess
  • ello

    wee mad aurther from play :)
    Created: 14 December 2015 10:34 by macfiain
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