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Does Anyone Remember the T4C Olympiad or Wizards Realm?

  • Does Anyone Remember the T4C Olympiad or Wizards Realm?

    Hi, this is 'Dabobah' from Wizards Realm. Also Osiris GM during the hey day...
    I have a set of medals from the T4C Olympics that I'd like to send to someone who might like them. It was a long time ago....
    PM me your email and I"ll happily send some pics. 7 Medals in total; 1 gold, 6 silver.
    Would love to see these survive. :)
    Created: 07 October 2018 17:25 by Dagobah
  • EM

    I don't remember any Dabobah. I am Evilmage / Solarius AoC.
    Created: 31 December 2018 23:47 by lkerhsien
  • Long Time

    Its been a long time since I've met anyone from WR. feel free to keep in contact:
    Created: 31 December 2018 23:51 by lkerhsien

    I know this is a year old, but if you still check the forums I remember you well.  One of the few people to have plate pre stoneheim.  I played as Mcloud from Forgotten Shadows.  I've always wondered what happened to Garwin and Xtian too.  I had most of the gm's in my guild at one point.  I have Firentity on my facebook.

    I really miss that server and many of the players like Boopsi, Farthore, and Archon.
    Created: 24 February 2019 04:15 by randybentley
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