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Crazy prices

  • Crazy prices

    Hi staffI was playing this game several years ago (probably 8-10 years ago)Don't know why but one day I thought : does this game still exist ?
    Yes it does, which is great, so I created a new account here at RM and I was willing to spend a little of money to get a nice character and have some fun.I probably would have played for 3-4 months, if the prices were not that crazy !!
    As many people already explained, this a very old game, with no new content added.A nice 4x Seraph should not cost 50 USD, with VIP access on top of that.I would have paid 20 USD
    I think you are loosing money by doing so but more importantly, you are missing the opportunity to increase the player base.
    Created: 09 March 2019 16:26 by Benor
  • Crazy prices

    Yes I agree, the price is insane. The prices should be half as much as they are. They also should be expanding the web-shop services and embracing new players more than they are.
    Created: 10 March 2019 23:33 by Solofein123

    I too happened to be looking to make a comeback and was thinking of joining RM. If there was some sort of offer on the 4x it would be nice. Maybe a bundle pack of extended timers + 4x + some gold and maybe start with vitality/regen/replenishment/immortaility/etc gems and oracle access too? hehe
    Created: 14 March 2019 00:21 by fatty
  • ?

    where can you buy a character? I don't see it anywhere
    Created: 02 May 2019 14:07 by destrukkt
  • My response

    Hi, I CAN understand where you guys may be coming from.  Keep in mind these few things ok?
    1. The game is free.   The old game is still there, plus some of the older 'new' stuff is free. So there is stuff for you to play.
    2.  The 'crazy' prices you mentioned are for a YEARS worth of VIP access, not a month etc.  Also, I played years ago similar (different server) to you and came back and frankly imo VIP access, quests etc. are worth it.
    3. The game has changed, there are alot of improvements that are FREE.  Player and guild chests are a godsend (no more having tons of accounts JUST to hold stuff, also chest locations are well thought out and easy to use).  Guild houses and guild wor (scrolls (not the in-game name) are a big help.  Also,  lower level spells up  (free and from a npc in game) are a great plus, especially at lower level.
    4. There have ALWAYS been people complaining about paying money to play this game.  STOP IT,  this game is still around, while the two servers I have played on went under.   THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.   If you want to play.... PLAY.   HOWEVER, I will NOT stand by while you act entitled and try to bad mouth people that have a system that works.
    5.  Lastely, the GM and other staff are helpful and nice.  I had a few problems since I got on, they all helped me and fixed it quickly and TBH at least one of the times they could have very easily said 'you're SOL'  (I bought the wrong thing on the ITEM store).  They didn't say that I was SOL, they fixed the problem, even though the problem WASN'T an easy fix.
    SO, long story short.  if you want to play.......  PLAY!!  If not, go to on of the servers that closed down and complain there.  Don't try to bag mouth the game to get what you want, we don't want to hear it.  That type of tripe is not warranted and rude.  This  game, (the base game and a lot of the character and game playability improvements) are free, so enjoy it or leave.  Whatever you do, stop bad mouthing people (I'm talking server owners and GM staff) that take this game seriously and really try to keep this game around and to improve it.  After all, even with the 'unreasonable prices'  I doubt they are bringing it alot of profit.  They do it for the LOVE of the game....  so share the love, or leave.  Those are your ONLY two choices.
    To everyone else, come in have fun, kick off your shoes and stay a while (it is going to be a fun ride).
    Just for full disclosure, I have spent money on the game, but I am NOT owner or staff.  I am just a guy that enjoys the game.
    Jason/ Holy Terror/ Karok (my old game name)
    Created: 17 May 2019 13:39 by HolyTerror
  • ...

    buying a character (other than just for items etc.) has always seemed like a bad idea to me. essentially you are missing part of the fun of playing. However, look around in the forum, while I DON'T condone it, I HAVE seen adverts asking people to buy their character, etc.
    Replied: 17 May 2019 13:41 by HolyTerror
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