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Crafting Recipes and Drops

  • Crafting Recipes and Drops

    I has been nearly a month since the post on our suggestions for crafting.  Has HGM gotten a chance to review the comments made and will take action on them? Also since is no longer available will there be anyway we can get a listing of the monster crafting drops and crafting list with items for each profession and the necessary regeants to craft them.
    Created: 29 September 2013 08:03 by digi
  • Crafting

    It's been almost a month since HGM logged in last I believe.  And almost a month since Mouse logged in and heard the call for change.  To answer your question, I highly doubt anything will change soon (unless Saga GM is given HGM or Dev status). 
    Created: 29 September 2013 08:58 by cixelsyd

    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the wonderful feedback with regards to Crafting. I have taken note of all your suggestions and compiled them into a list and placed them in priority based on what I personally would like to see worked on. The HGM and Mouse has been quite busy lately, and mainly with the launch of Abomination. I do appreciate all they do for us, and look forward to more to come in the future.
    Saga GM
    Created: 29 September 2013 19:24 by saga04
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