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Couple suggestions

  • Couple suggestions

    Warriors are seriously lacking in damage output department.  If you follow a warriors' build, from level 1-25, they are like every other class (building straight endurance), from 25-50, they shield level on worshippers, from 50-85, they shield level on drakes, from level 85 -100, they shield level on dragons, and from 100 on, they become runners for mages at spiders/wolves.  The sad thing is regardless of what type of warrior you build, your last viable weapon is at 350 str.  That's not a huge dealbreaker for an ancient warrior, because that's relatively high level to get.  However, if you build Starshade, you can hit 500 str by 160 (depending on int/wis).  If a warrior is going to put in that kind of time, it would be great if they could get a powerful 1h weapon that does massive damage, as their life is a war of attrition.  Mages can kill from a distance, archers can kill from a distance, but a warrior has to be right in the fray.  Having said that, Ancient Scimitar +3 and Saga Scimitar +3 should be added into game.  I realize that the damage on these weapons would be huge, but when you spend almost no part of your life actually swinging, it's sad to think of what the class is.  It would be a great first step to creating an area that has high exp/kill mobs that are very magic resistant so warriors could level by swinging again.   The 2nd suggestion is to make a no/low graphic earthquake spell, as the current spell is very graphic (and lag) intensive.  Old school EQ didn't drop rocks from the sky, it just did the pentagram graphic.  To keep points in check from old to new players, the requirement for this new EQ spell should be 0 skill points, 0 gold, and pre-req of Earthquake.  That would make all players still have to spend the points/gold on original EQ in order to buy upgraded EQ.  Thanks
    Created: 18 August 2013 23:59 by cixelsyd
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    I also think that Frostbane should be added back into back for warriors/paladins to use.
    Created: 19 August 2013 07:40 by Ironhands

    Lets see if we can figure something out. Thanks for your input guys!

    Saga GM
    Created: 21 August 2013 20:26 by saga04
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