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Chronicles of Gunblades Events

  • Chronicles of Gunblades Events

    Arakas Curse
    Heroes needed to find a Scroll of Detect Invisibility,thus save a stuck in permanent invisibility druid who told them to find a Blood Gem that will tell the recipe of potion to heal Arakas. Once the gem was found,heroes went to hunt Three Elemental Essenses: Water,Earth,Air. Once all the ingredients were returned to a druid,he made a potion to cure Arakas...
    Winners:Shikoba - Saga Platemail Gauntlets,Black Locust Composite Bow +3, 1,000,000 GoldMarah - Golden Emerald Encrusted Tiara,Emerald Power Focus,Holiday Flowers, 1,000,000 GoldDeatheart - Mystic Headband of the Wind,Elfields Armor Set pieces,Diamond Power Focus,Cat-Claw Ornated Staff, 1,000,000 Gold.
    Key Collector Race
    An old stranger found eight Ancient Keys that open a Royal Chest. But he was ambushed by a powerful sorcerer that teleported him all around Raven's Dust that resulted in loss of all keys. Brave adventurers went through water and fire to collect all the keys and find a Royal Chest.
    Winners:Deatheart - 3x Potion of Potent LuckShikoba - 5x Potion of Potent Luck
    Legend of a Greedy Goblin
    Legend says that a little greedy goblin once stole kings treasures and disappeared on Arakas. On his way to a cave,where he met his death he lost some gold coins,that made a road. Heroes were looking for every gold coin as clue to find a cave. Once they made there,it happened to be Ancient Labyrinth. Many of them died there from nasty monsters but one adventurer acomplished something nobody have done before...he found numerous treasures!
    Winner:Jimsbrat - Jewel Gems,Gold Bars,Silver Bars, 1,700,000 Gold.
    Created: 09 November 2013 13:57 by gunblade
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    Thank You for the event !!
    Created: 09 November 2013 14:29 by eve43555
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    Cool idea!
    Created: 24 November 2013 11:28 by Abomination
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