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Chest encumbrance

  • Chest encumbrance

    Hi there RMers,

    After transferring all my mule stuff to one char, I have divided my stuff between 3 chars.  They have said each chars chest currently has no encumbrance limit.  My question is: 1, When are they going to apply a chest enc limit? and 2, How do I see each chars chest encumbrance level ?

    I'm worried when they do apply the chest enc limits that I will indiscriminately lose my hard earned bits that I have accumulated over nearly 10 years of game play.

    I must also state that I think the new fee system is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than previously and the lack of an offline mule is a big drop for me.  Also, lost my VIP status and not real keen on PAYING EXTRA FOR IT !


    Not real happy with the new changes

    Created: 30 October 2013 04:04 by Kevlar
  • Chests

    Hey Kevlar, when the offline mule transfer wizard was launched the storage chest enc capacity was raised a lot. It is unlikely to be raised any more as it is just under guild chest limit I'm told.It is also not possible to view the chest enc limit as a player at the present time, I'm unsure if T4CDEV may include that some day, possibly in the future, but then again they may not - but it's worth asking.
    Created: 30 October 2013 10:49 by Alastor
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