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  • Changes

    Here are some recent changes, if you have any ideas - always feel free to email me them.

    Revised all 6 elemental bosses for 4th isle access.
    Added 15 NPCs to show off store wings graphics - you can find these in LH beggers corner.
    Modified keeper of justice to have same respawn time as evil twin (for 4x quest).
    Lowered holy gladiators damage slightly.
    Modified Brother Rune's spells to not be blocked by objects.
    Added protection effect to 185+ vip, to stop use of teleport scrolls cheat.
    Increased elven sight boost a bit.
    Added 'ball' effect to spell electric jolt, to show caster.
    Added full mana drain to ring of forester spell, to heal full health you forfeit full mana.To try negate the recent abuse of this item.
    Created: 02 February 2014 23:32 by Alastor
  • ..

    So no more pvp in 185+ vip?
    Created: 03 February 2014 06:31 by Amaterasu
  • Response

    VIP is for VIP members only, as in the name. Players would take blank teleport scrolls and set them to 185+ and then not pay for VIP, meaning they got the access free. Now that won't happen.
    Created: 03 February 2014 12:33 by Alastor
  • ...

    Now that is some nice changes, exept the Keeper of Justice shoulda stayed the same but change the evil twin for faster respawn ;) Suggestion: Increase the weight on gem of moon so people can stop abusing those aswell? ;)
    Created: 04 February 2014 02:38 by Earth Gnome
  • wheres warning?

    next time u could warn for updates like that, yesterday i got killed in vip gobs, thanks for naked and no spells on, and ofcourse no teleport to temple. Lost only bunch of gold (own fault, didnt muled those) and some easy xp, but still... i was in oracle like hour earlier, u can imagine my language if thats happens there...
    Anyways looks like slightly updates, why have to rip all off and teleport every player to sanctuary for mods like those?
    last but no least, why punish mages with that forester ring?
    Created: 04 February 2014 03:18 by ThelordofKo
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