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Cannot patch

  • Cannot patch

    Hey guys, 
    Just downloaded and installed, launched game, logged in and attempted patching but says it cannot connect to Abominations server. Checked t4cbible for anything regarding this and found a discussion from 7hours ago regarding server down time/ this an ongoing problem or has it been resolved? 
    I need to get online and pound Olin haad for all he's worth!
    Created: 27 July 2013 15:24 by MrJuzah
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    Never mind, seems to be working now
    Created: 27 July 2013 15:44 by MrJuzah
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    Hello MrJuzah,
    Sometimes when the webpatch doesn't properly complete it's course, it will assume that the patch hasn't been completed or is corrupted.  At which point, the tool will attempt a fresh patch.
    Replied: 27 July 2013 15:56 by admin
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    Hmmm just made a character and server appears to have gone down again :/
    Created: 27 July 2013 15:58 by MrJuzah
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    Hey MrJuzah,
    We apologize for the inconvenience, please check out the latest news here.
    Replied: 27 July 2013 16:33 by admin
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