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Can't Remember Acc/Email

  • Can't Remember Acc/Email


    I played on RealMud a while back (6months to a year ago) and I have forgotten my Username and Email. I could recall the password (I only use 3 different ones), i'm 90% sure I know the email (only use 2), I know the character names and levels. Would I be able to get the account back? I just need the Username.
    Created: 19 October 2013 19:48 by Lutallo

    Hey Lutallo. For account queries please contact and say you're from Realmud so he knows right away where to look, send him your old account name, character names and email on the forgotten account. If the account details match and it can be verified as YOUR account, then it can be returned easily.
    Created: 21 October 2013 11:15 by Alastor
  • Thanks

    Too easy, thanks!!!
    Created: 21 October 2013 19:21 by Lutallo
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