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CONstruction Worker Quest !

  • CONstruction Worker Quest !

    I am posting what is needed for this quest and what rewards are as well as my own opinion on the quest . I have not finished the quest but I figure any info is helpful so here it is...
    Outside Ancient Lands Temple you will find a construction worker in red who wants the following items :
    1 - Golden Chalice1- Candle ( Mad's House ONLY !!! )1- Broom ( any )5- Gold Dust5- Light Dust5- Gleaming Shards6- Grails of Purity3- Potions of Tranquility
    REWARD :1 - Gold Doubling Orb
    The next Construction worker is found outside Ancient Lands Desert Castle and wants the following:
    5- Bronze Dust5- Ivory Dust5- Iron Dust3- Potions of Fortitude2- Iron Ore2- Iron Ingots2- Belt of Skraug Strength
    REWARD:1- Luck Orb2- XP Orbs
    The 3rd Construction Worker is found at the Elven Hideout accessed from Ancient Lands Dock and asks for the following :
    8- Mummy Bandages1- Black Lizardskin Boots4- Bow of Centaur Slaying2- Hammer of Truesight2- Escape Scrolls4- Flail of Stability2- Kraanian Egg5- Antelope Skins1- Warlock's Ring
    Created: 12 October 2017 03:36 by ieetnoobs

    This quest is a very long grind quest and after doing it up to the 3rd CONstruction worker I doubt I will finish considering the rewards vs time and requirements. It is just terrible and not worth it at all, for over 12 hours of grinding to receive 3 dollars worth of rewards is laughable . I almost feel these quests where made inspite , like whoever made them was mad they even had to make them . I just cant think of any other reason for such bad rewards so late in the game and for such a grind . I do like realmud but this felt like a slap in the face , I'm sure if you have most these items horded in chest already this was nothing for you but as for those of us who actually grinded most all the items it is just not worth it at all.This is just my opinion and I would love to read others , all i know is it took me over 6 hours alone just to get the iron ore and considering a few of these items needed are chest drops also means you will need to camp a chest or two .
    Good luck to all and please know this is just criticism and not a bash on the server or staff itself. Thanks for reading .
    Created: 12 October 2017 03:44 by ieetnoobs
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