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Bonus times

  • Bonus times

    Curious -- is there a way to know when double xp, miracle stone, etc are to be instated?  I have little play time and it would be great to know when it's happening so I can plan around it.  Is it listed somewhere (forum, news, etc)?  Otherwise, I assume you just have to be on and lucky?
    Created: 19 December 2015 19:00 by Saedorn
  • Its Random

    As a ex GM these things do not have a set date when they will happen or  turn on. Let's say these things are almost as a treat to VIP players at random times. Though there is XP orbs and other things you can purchase from the store to make it more faster and easier to XP but most likely you will need a group of some sort. 
    Created: 29 December 2015 16:19 by Garfield
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