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Bluestone Talisman works ?? + buy

  • Bluestone Talisman works ?? + buy

    Does Bluestone Talisman work on this server?  If so could someone sell me a full bluestone set through paypal please.   I realize that I have to get the talisman itself by killing lord stonecrest (if it works on realmud).  Happy to buy some gold from someone to get started too.  Tell me your toon name if you play a lot or your email / skype / whatsapp if you don't.  Thanks!
    Created: 07 April 2017 22:52 by zhangfei
  • Hello

    hi, my name in game is Theana Folwar or WhingField, my mail is, i have golds for sell and im able hunt bs too.
    yes bs tallisment work when you equipe the full bs armor.

    Whigfield CoA
    Created: 08 April 2017 04:42 by Saroumane CoA
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