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Black friday event and T4c sage on facebook

  • Black friday event and T4c sage on facebook

     William RubyT4c saga info. 
    First of all this is wolverine.
    There is a Black Friday event going on in the web shop.
    This event gives a hefty discount to all items in the webshop.
    2nd while i was with family there was a problem with the saga HGM and ive been in contact with mouse who is my boss and and issues have been taken care of.
    My goal is to move this server out of the past and move to the future even though lot of rotten things have happened over the past.
    And i dont want to see this server go through this again.
    3rd for all the people who live in the states Happy Thanksgiving
    T4c Sage facebook page
    This page will also have events from Gunblade and players / gm's on it.
    Wolverine at this time is working on fix's all over the Saga server
    Any Saga Up dates and  new info coming for announcements, will be posted there  and also in game.
    Ideas are welcome from players and problems they find in game are welcome as well.
    Plz note this facebook page isn't for slinging fights, pointing fingers and so on, whats done is done, it is now time to fix the problems
    so if you have a idea, problem and so on post it :)
    Thx you all for you time
    Ozzmosis AWH

    Created: 29 November 2013 04:53 by ozzmosis
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