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Auction House

  • Auction House

    Why almost noone uses the AH functionality?

    Maybe removing the vip status requirement will make it actually useful?
    Created: 15 July 2014 06:53 by blasphemus
  • AH

    Players used to input items at very high prices on the auction house, and this discouraged people from using it. I'll think about removing the VIP requirement.
    Created: 15 July 2014 08:50 by Alastor
  • AH

    Introducing fixed price ranges for the most "hot" items would help i believe.

    e.x ruby power focus price range "500k-2m" so players cannot sell it higher through ah.

    or just fixed max prices like 0-2m.

    only 20 players using ah would make it seem alive, in it's current state it's completely empty.
    Created: 15 July 2014 14:13 by blasphemus
  • AH

    Sadly it is not possible to add in 'fixed price ranges' into the AH, nor controlling what items are in it and specific rules for these.
    Created: 15 July 2014 17:01 by Alastor
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