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Armor and Magic

  • Armor and Magic

    How does AC affect the damage done by spell based attacks?
    Created: 24 April 2014 15:15 by Dancer
  • Example

    The shortest answer is that AC DOES NOT get factored into spells unless it is a Physical based spell. Each spell is different though. The largest calculation used in most spells is power, resistance, and int/wis. An example (made up) would be: ( + 14) * (self.power/target.resistance) or for a physical based spell you can do ( + 14) * (self.power/ Of course these formulas are completely made up and are in no way factual for anything. It is an example of how something would hypothetically be calculated through the game.
    Created: 02 May 2014 21:55 by thebest
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