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Aproaching suggestions and issues

  • Aproaching suggestions and issues

    This post came out from conversations with several people in RealMud. In general people really like to play at the server and most of the players are happy with its general functions, events and assistances provided by the staff.

    Nevertheless, it’s clearly that as time goes by fewer players remain playing on a regular basis. Throughout discussions with many players I noticed that some issues and bugs, especially old ones, are somewhat the cause of this “exodus”. Therefore, listed below are some issues I have gathered. Please, this topic aims to constructively help the server, staff and players and not be used as a complaining space for single player’s issues. Let’s discuss about the server in general and how to make it even better by giving suggestions and/or informing the Staff about bugs and problems.

    1)      Since there are no limits, some player can abuse using Moons and thus, doesn’t matter the char build, the moons always prevail. Imposing a limit, like the one in Raindrops, would make more fair PVPs;

    2)      In PVPs the AC doesn’t seem to have any effect, therefore a correction would be necessary;

    3)      Paladin’s and Battle Mage’s weapons need a correction on damage caused;

    4)      Dual Wield don’t seem to work for Battle Mages while in PVP;

    5)      The 4 Dragons located in a cave near SC are an alternative for lvling in VIP isles, however they are impossible to be killied, even for grouped high-level players.

    6)      Thought there are the PVP arenas, some PVP events, maybe with prizes for winners, would gather people. The way things are today players just keep lvling for nothing, ans many people would like to more often use their chars in battles;

    7)      Reopening of the Colosseum with new mobs as an alternative for VIP isle;

    Obviously, this is not an extensive list of problems and suggestions, therefore I ask others to contribute with it.



    Created: 06 January 2017 11:57 by vsbrighenti
  • Agree

    I agree with everything here. Sure we appreciate all work done by staff to bring new things, but there are some old problems need to be fixed, like moons ... No more fair pvp in game, build dont matter. A archer with alot of moon can use frostbane to easy kill everybody, thats not game s spirit.
    Created: 06 January 2017 13:35 by alexzaidan
  • i agree

    we need changes...
    get ppl out off vips...
    start pvp lvl 1, no range...
    need change lot of things to get ppl back...
    and dont need new class, dont make ppl play...
    Created: 06 January 2017 14:02 by skol
  • Agree to certain extend

    Moon gems sound legit. 100 gems would give +500 str/agi.Weapon damage definitely needs to be fixed and balanced.

    Created: 06 January 2017 14:21 by lkerhsien
  • We want challenge!

    I had 5 VIP Accounts in Realmud but stopped with all. The same old problems never change:1) Where are the fixes for Paladin and Battle Mage Weapons? Cant you see that the server is full of Warriors and Archers?2) Gem of Moons without limit its a joke. We have players with 150+ Moons. You can put a Rusted Dirk on a Mage and it can beat anybody. You have to limit the use (Max: 25 gems per char for example).3) Double XP events are good, but people only log for XP and then get out. You have to make events that keep people playing. Where are PvP events?4) VIP XP is BORING. All the maps looks like deserts, cause people are just inside VIPs Xping. We want the real T4C back. People fighting for XP spots on islands.5) I've reported more than 5 times for HGM and DGMs a bug that DUAL WIELD SKILL dont work with PvP Weapons of BattleMages. Nothing was done to fix it in more than a year.
    If you want players back you have to do something diferente. Hear the players!Just for your info: We have a huge active group playing at Abomination Server at this moment while waiting for Realmud updates.
    Regards,Caio (Armani)
    Created: 09 January 2017 09:21 by archer1

    It's been a long time that I don't play but I still got my chars, I agree with VS, many thins need to be changed. T4C is fun to play yet, however, many things were created and too many islands.
    More spaces and less people to play make it empty, it became hard to see someone walking through the islands like before, now everybody is in VIP (should terminate those areas and let only coliseum to high levels, I don't know, maybe increasing how much xp each monster will give).
    Another thing, do not let real money play T4C, paid accounts have access to Coliseum and others not, stop selling seraphed chars, or allowing game items to be sold in real money.
    More suggestions are needed, let's make T4C crowded and famous again.
    Suggestion: Version 1.25 AR, RD and SH was the best one, before the crimson scale that destroyed Arakas and stuff.......
    Created: 09 January 2017 09:26 by mariohpb2
  • i agree

    I agree with everything that has been said.

    In fact, I'm leaving the RM to play at the ABO because several were our claims. However, we never succeed..

    Zé Pequeno HL - Comando Vermelho

    Created: 09 January 2017 11:02 by minha12

    I agree with everything that has been said.
    Created: 12 January 2017 05:09 by jbmark15
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