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Any old timers still around?

  • Any old timers still around?

    Hey guys, just stumbled across this forum recently.  I used to play a bunch on RM back in around 2005-2006, under the name Taurnil.  Just wanted to see if any of the old-timers from that era were still around.  Had some pretty awesome times in this game, mildly considering coming back to it.  
    Created: 15 July 2015 19:34 by Taurnil
  • Chiron ZoC HL

    Taurnil!! Hey, some of us old timers are still around!
    Come on back and play!
    ~Chiron ZoC HL (now Chiron Curantis HL, Ritsuka HL, Dusrion Curantis, Carpe Diem, etc...)
    Created: 16 July 2015 14:55 by chironnightwolf

    Ya we're around.  We come back every now and then. 
    Created: 18 July 2015 02:57 by Smetty
  • old timer

    I used to ply back in 05 06 and have just returned again this year, I do miss the people I used to play with but do enjoy al the people that are here now :)
    Created: 06 August 2015 04:20 by Allanah
  • Wow

    I played for quite a while, way back when I was in high school.  Pretty sure I was an annoying little turd.  Anyway, I will be 30 this year, so it has been a while.  I can't believe this game is still a thing, let alone that the server still exists.  Impressive!
    I was part of the immigration from Darkness Falls to T4C after the former was shut down, eventually becoming the leader of the DF guild on Realmud.  I still can't believe this game is still here... really amazing.
    Created: 06 August 2015 17:59 by Nuvix
  • Me too!!

    used to play at ToL and Havoc and im back for  a month nowLogaN, RedCaverna and Mettalica :D
    Created: 01 October 2015 01:07 by epolimeni

    I show up every few years - and I'm logged in RIGHT NOW
    Sabin LORE
    Created: 24 October 2015 03:59 by El Oshcuro
  • Is it a zombie yet?

    It always shocks me when I see this game is still going. Doubt anyone remembers me due to the fact that I was never the most active, but it seems as if Achmed/LadyUsana/Hunnuli might actually be popping back in again. Just for old times sake.
    Created: 10 January 2016 03:03 by Garrulous
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