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  • Alliance?

    i have returned to t4c again for a while it looks that way anyway lolafter having to leave Trilogy and restart on Realmud I figure its time for me to join an aliance/family etc. I am very happy with Realmud sever the players and the staff have all been very helpful and friendly so I will be hanging around for a an ex eA player + GM who got to 10x goodie so i have a reasonable grasp of the game and wont need help every 5 seconds to find stuff or areas, saying that its amazing how much of the game i had forgotten but find its all coming back to me the more im playing. If their are any Good guilds out there looking for a helpfull Aussie adult I would like to become part of a helpful friendly alliance.Im not into PvP as a rule due to only being low lvl and 2x but will help out any guild I end up in. I don't mind helping new players out either if  its required and I can should be able to find me in game most days (work permitting) and my toon name is BillyT butthe real name is Gary AKA Gazif you don't catch me in game can you please leave me a message letting me know who to talk to
    Created: 18 October 2013 11:36 by GazFaz
  • Zions of Chaos

    Hi there. I'm the founder of the Zions of Chaos (ZoC). If you'd like to see what my guild is all about, check us out at -- feel free to leave us a post on our public forums if you'd like more information. The Zions of Chaos is one of the oldest guilds on the server at just about 9 years old. We have a lot of great members and do not support PK/Rob. Check out our guild website and contact me or one of our officers in-game if you're interested! ~~Ritsuka HL / Chiron Curantis HL
    Created: 18 October 2013 13:00 by chironnightwolf
  • done

    Hi chironnightwolf thanks for the reply, I have posted in your public forum ;)
    Created: 19 October 2013 07:28 by GazFaz
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