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Air Mage Question

  • Air Mage Question

    Good Evening Realmud,
    I see there is some new items that boost Air power based on Int/Wis such as the Bracers of Reverse Sorcery. Can anyone tell me how that is calculated? My understanding from previous game play in the past, Air was based off of even stats, but favors wisdom being higher. I would greatly appreciate the positive comments back.
    Thank You,TheOldGuy
    Created: 28 December 2017 14:58 by TheReturned
  • Air spell damage

    Hello ! Air mage is no different than any other element and you do not need to keep even. Air just uses both int and wis but typically needs 2x as much to increase outcome of damage for example :
    1d100 + int/10 +wis/10 * Air power / Air resist
    now some air spells might be int/12 wis/8 or opposite but original spells where even int/5 + wis/5 (at least in my day)
    most choose more wis for the reasons of higher ac bonuses and tranquility giving 33% vs clear thought 25% 
    PS all numbers are just examples and not actual dividers.
    hope this helps good luck ! 
    Created: 11 June 2018 04:29 by ieetnoobs
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