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A very good Shop Idea

  • A very good Shop Idea

    People love events with the mass spawning of monsters at different cities. It often takes a lot of work and mods have to devote time to organizing and creating them. I suggest you make an area where you can use a token to create Mass Spawning of monsters. IF someone was at the Area, they might have 3 different difficulty settings. For example mass spawning of Tarantula's. At the same time people could use tokens to create Defensive Aura that hits AoE on monsters, similar to Armlet of Flames.
    people might use the shop feature far more often.
    Created: 25 December 2013 15:02 by Excuisador
  • hmm i suggest

    Also it wouldnt be good if people could camp the spot and leech the monsters
    Created: 25 December 2013 15:03 by Excuisador
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