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A Serious Statement

  • A Serious Statement

    The 4th Coming is old, there is absolutely no question about that. In 98 it was one of the greatest and biggest games to have ever hit the market with well over 250,000 active players. 2004 is when World of Warcraft came to exist in which saw the number of players plumet. 
    Vircom did an absolutely great job within the first few years but then forgot about the game and left it to rot. Dialsoft came along, pumped with ideas and motivation and released updates after updates. People becamse inspired, ideas to open new servers such as Goldmoon for example. A completely new story and world for the players to escape into, what a treat that was to have been a part of Goldmoon and something to never forget. I have been playing T4C since 99. I have seen players come and go, servers rise and fall and now in the year 2018 I still see a motivated playerbase and a dedicated team behind the T4C.
    I have seen debates, fights... I have seen war, the community just ripping itself apart trying to blame each other for the games downfall. Those of whom are old vets that are still playing this game you must help these new players that find our old game and mentor them until they can stand on their own feet.
    This is what absolutely frustrates me to the high heavens is the absolute lack of newbie player support. A player is just dumped into a realm with the only guide a long, confusing, misleading mess of an F1 page and that's it. What on earth happened to T4C bible, why does it keep changing, why does it keep getting wiped? Where are our quests and items, our maps and why must I prowl page after page on google just to find some kind of cached T4C Bible page ?
    As for this T4C site, well done it looks absolutely lovely. However, completely unresponsive on mobile phones and tablets. Even resizing the page doesn't work. Can we not get this site redone in HTML5?? What about Discord ? Everyone is using Discord these days, who uses an ancient forum, why are we making this game older, can we move onto Discord, do I have permission to take it upon myself and ease the load to get us a Discord ?
    Is there a dedicated team of individuals that actually sit down and have a meeting once a week for an hour to discuss the direction of this game? Can we get a Media Wiki site that's very informative and easy to read. Can we get some kind of cross translation for different language speakers, can we please for the love of god move the servers to an actual place that doesn't get hit by some kind of storm... You know what, forget about that, that won't happen.. 
    Another question, do we have a marketing team, a dedicated set of people to promote our game on the biggest sharing platforms in the world "Facebook, YouTube?" ... Can we get some kind of mobile phone support ? I have got my T4C working on Nvidia Shield and Kinakonsole but controls are terrible but thank god for the macro bar. Took a lot of tweaking though but absolutely not worth it looks like trash.
    Someone suggested placing this game on Steam ... Marcs reply, "His reply was open to possibility as he did say he was "interested" and hasn't had the time, nor the spicific experience for launching a steam title."
    Players reply, "ok let's help Marc put this on Steam"
    .... 7 months later ... Not even an open community debate about it. I mean cmon.
    My point is that the game is getting updates, there are still servers, there are still players here with the experience to mentor new players upto speed so that they can stand on their own feet. The game is working, the flame is still there but the most important thing that is missing is.... PLAYERS. I am a game-designer of 8 years and the most incredibly important thing that I have come to learn in this industry is players.
    Players are everything, their our motivation, our dedication, our inspiration as nothing inspires me more to see years of work experiened by a very happy player of whom asks for more and more! Where is the motivation when there's nobody here. Don't get me wrong but there are still players here but there could be MORE!
    T4C is an old fasioned jewl of an MMO of which is as unique as it can get. Let's find people of whom are looking for a game like this. Going out and marketing this game to player after player will be counter productive, this game is an aquired taste. We must find people who are looking for us and not the otherway around.
    We need to get Discord, when we have Discord we can work as a community to get this lovely game back on the right tracks. An active communications hub is the key to a strong foundation. I'm pretty sure that all you server owners out there would love to make a nice living off of this game and that Marc himself would like some nice profits. At the end of the day this game is a business whether you like it or not. But there are things that must be done and I fully pledge my services to take action on the very words that I have written but I can not do this on my own and nor can I do it without permission.
    I do hope that you do not see this thread as a rant or a thread to bash the community. I do hope that you do not see this thread as one of those other "The game is dead or dying thread we must act now thread"! It is and it isn't. 
    I volunteer to personally co-ordinate the Discord, the think tank team, the making of the Wiki and the marketing side. I also agree to provide the highest immunity and power to authorities of the T4C regarding the services that I provide. I agree that I will not act without first consulting a senior member of the T4C authority and agree that should this offer be accepted that I will not ever demand monies for any service and or work provided.
    Thank you, please get in touch.
    Created: 10 April 2018 06:59 by agent11
  • R U SERIOUS about this Statement?

    If you cant access this forum on your phone, then  i would get a better Phone. My windows Phone does Just fine. As for discord, My guild uses it and Most People i Know use it with out a need to use T4c's permission. i have been to the t4c facebook and has just about everything you need to find. i realize times have changed and people now days are not used to doing things themselves, but i have been playing on and off since its inception and i have no issue with any of what you have posted. so why be so serous?????????????  
    Created: 10 April 2018 09:24 by Ruenii
  • Ruenii

    It's absolutely obvious that you have not taken the time to read my post.

    When resizing this website, it is not responsive. When accessing this website via my Samsung S7 Edge & Honor 5 the website is not responsive. I am using Chrome, I have used Firefox, I have used edge. Great, it seems to work on a Windows phone! Excellent so let's scrap the entire section of making the website responsive because it works on your windows phone!

    Your guild uses Discord! Epic, great choice, then you know as well as I that Discord is an absolutely great communications hub to use and it's so great that your guild uses it like everyone else. I am talking about an official T4C Discord. This without permission is not possible, we need the actual T4C team to be onboard with this in order to do this. Fair enough I could do it myself but I do not want to go down that road on my own unofficially.

    As for the Facebook, seriously? The last post was from 2009 on 1 group and that was the first group to show up. The other T4C group has a pirate server being advertised on it and I shall not name it... However after clicking view ALL I then saw Dialsoft The 4th Coming which has a pinned post from 2016. Does this group get moderated?? I take a look at the comments of this group and immediately see "Server is down, when will it be up" .... The same comment again and again, these comments need to be removed and moderated, it affects the games image. The last event was in September 2011! Half of the page seems dead, the other half alive and complaining about down time issues! Also it states that Dialsoft continues to sell T4C licenses to those who'd wish for their own T4C servers! ... Wrong! It no longer does!

    Easy to find? Of course, I agree with you it's absolutely easy to find but it isn't easy to find when you have no idea what you're looking for. Do you remember your days as a newb of this game ? Back then there were 100s of people to help you and now we are all that is left. We want people to learn our game, we want people to know exactly what to look for. Easy to find but not easy to find the right thing. I want to make a video guide with subtitles in many different languages that is a walkthrough of a level 1 character all the way to level 25. The video would be an indepth guide of taking on the rats in Lighthaven dungeon to completing quests required to get to RD.

    Times have changed like you have pointed out and YOU don't have any issues with what I have posted. T4C and it's community must adapt to these times, it has a lot of catching upto do in terms of marketing and playability. But guess what, there are others who DO have issues with those that I have pointed out! "New Players!" Please do not take this the wrong way, but you're an old vet like me and we are a dying breed. We need to focus on reaching out to new players the right way and I have volunteered to do just that! If I could get the community and staff behind me and with me, then we can achieve this! The game looks great, it is visually beautiful to look at and it plays nicely. We have some nice servers still around, we have some nice staff and we have friendly and helpful players.

    This game is NOT newb friendly and it would not take much to get it to the stage in where it was! An indepth multilingual crash course into T4C guide, backed by the community, built by the community for the players of tomorrow. Whether we like it or not, the players will see this game at its current stage, they will leave after being frustrated having ran around like headless chickens not knowing what to do. Might even go the extra mile to leave a terrible review! However, there will always be a handful of whom will stay. But for how long ? Till their favourite server gets shutdown, till they lose the patience of having random disconnects and having their server torn away by "another" thunder storm? 

    Are you so blind to accuse me of being too serious? Do you not care? Of course you care, I believe we all care about our game and if it wasn't for you or me or them or our staff then this game would be dead and gone, but guess what. It's still here, we're still here, we still come back to it because it's a part of our soul. Now, let us get this into the souls of other players. Show them how MMOs use to be, how much fun they can be and how much more they can still offer and be!

    This is T4C, this is how MMOs use to be, join us and go back in time!

    If I do not get the backing then there is absolutely NO point in me wasting my time.

    Again, please contact me as I am ready to start making a difference right now.
    Created: 10 April 2018 12:52 by agent11
  • A Vet Huh???

    so you seem to say you are tech savy??? if you are tech savy, then you would know there is a little button to click on your phone that says desktop version. if you are a vet like you say, then you know all the write ups were on T4C bible as well as the wiki which were done by players for players there already is an  unofficial discord for T4C started by players as well. even Bro Smetty has a T4C web page to help out players the draw of this game is to figure out how to play as well as level up. If you feel that strongly about a write up then show some initiative do a write up. as for the facebook page that is how I was notified about the patch notes getting ready to take effect on the next update! you must have been on the wrong facebook page. as you are putting your opinions on this forum, don't you dare accuse me of not caring because I put my opinions on here as well I don't believe that dialsoft nor myself for that matter can control the internet during a thunderstorm. for I applaud your loyalty to this game I wonder if there is more you could do in game. when I started it was players that helped me there were no write ups. I do like your passion and I hope you stay here for a long time instead of being serious try being real. if you really want to make a difference then make a page with the write ups you wish to have on there promote it submit it to dialsoft and just maybe the staff would people know that your write ups are out there but personally if you are going to go back in time then you should do it like they did then once again this is just  an opinion from an "Old Vet" I wish you luck in finger dexterity I done with this post as I have better things to do in game Peace Out and if you didn't know I am RUE
    Created: 11 April 2018 00:29 by Ruenii
  • Give in.

    I will assemble a document and send it to Dialsoft. Divert the energy writing these posts to the document instead.

    Thank you for your feedback, things got a bit heated.

    P.S I accused you of not being serious because of your last comment in your first post.

    I ask for this thread to be removed as it serves no purpose other than heaten rabble which could have been diverted into a constructive document instead.
    Created: 11 April 2018 08:20 by agent11
  • hm

    There is an official Discord out there, but from the German T4C Providers, maybe they can open it for all, they also put T4C on Steam... 
    Created: 15 April 2018 05:05 by Aropol
  • Steam

    its a German version on steam..
    Created: 11 June 2018 11:13 by Solofein
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