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5x? Come on

  • 5x? Come on

    All these people selling there 4x's, i think its time for 5x now..... People are starting to come back, and i think 5x will really spark some life into the server.
    Created: 01 July 2015 00:45 by ParSalian
  • 100% agree

    I 100% agree with you!!
    Created: 05 July 2015 19:16 by cakes
  • Agree

    Agreed, even if it is a quest that wont require to re-seraph (lose all current levels) so it wont piss off the old timers that spent forever getting to 240+

    Created: 16 July 2015 23:19 by Da Killa
  • Agree

    Was wondering when its going to be unlimited.
    Created: 19 October 2016 13:42 by lkerhsien
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