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4x or 5x Final Seraph

  • 4x or 5x Final Seraph

    Sounds like Wolv is gonna plan on going 5x final seraph. I for one think this is a little overkill and would more enjoy having 4x be final seraph.  Allready have 5 islands and with 4x and 5x that would leave 7 total.  I believe havoc had 6 if i am correct and that was a great place to play with 4x as final. What does everyone else think? If it where up to me I would have 4x be final build. Thanks.
    Created: 07 January 2014 11:28 by sejien

    I am looking forward to 5X actually, brings many benefits to your character. It's not the same situation as before when we jumped to 3X and got burned with it but also I think it's time we leave the past behind and move on. Keep in don't have to go 4X or 5X if you don't want to :)
    Created: 07 January 2014 12:11 by Aleandra
  • I"m All For 4x and 5x

    it gives the chance to old players to comeback and lvl there toon and give them something to stride for.Plus some are bored so it gives them a chance not to be bored.
    Created: 07 January 2014 12:53 by Elrik292
  • 5x Seraph

    Think about it. 7 Isles? Who wants to navigate through 7 isles. Also Players may be discouraged with 5x being final as that is another seraph that is completely unecessary and need higher lvl to achieve.  With max being 3x now just one more seraph at 4x would be perfect. But if it must go past that I would much rather see 10x then 5x. Thanks.
    Created: 07 January 2014 12:56 by sejien
  • Here we go

    First of all Iceland is a part of Elysium (4th island) but thats not important. The server went to a state of death if it wasnt Wolverine who took charge and literally revived it,so say thanks you still enjoy playing Saga. Secondly, x4 seraph for me is more like a test for things,when x5 is the final key to give a server fresh breath after all the oceans of shit its been through.Believe me,x5 unlocks such advantages as more powerful builds,plus renewed gameplay with more interesting,exciting quests,items,secrets. Hell, level 200+ will be achievable.Don't you get bored when you go around same islands and xp on same monsters days and days? Don't you feel tired and screwed you can't even go past level 160 and finish some of the builds you were dreaming of? Plus,as Aleandra perfectly stated,don't wanna go x4-x5? Okay stay at your 3x and enjoy xping in elfields :). When you will start understanding the whole thing deep inside how much effort and time it took to a guy to do something interesting for players that have been screwed through all these years you will start respect everything that this man does. But thats too official for me. I will translate my wall of text in common words for you Stfu,and enjoy 5x! :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mr Gunblade
    Created: 07 January 2014 13:40 by gunblade
  • You are all so funny

    So, just my thoughts on anything past 1x seraph.  First, people make me laugh when you think you will be uber powerful just because you have 5x.  This is not really the case, sure at lower levels(under 120) your aura is going to kick ass for sure. But getting above 150ish only means your going to finish the build 5 to 10 levels faster than a 3x.  Doesn't mean you are super powerful, just means you will have an extra 25 pts in your preferred stat at final build time.  So, for instance. 

    My water mage was final at level 135ish.  Thats ancient armor with CoTa and all jewely and boosts.  So with 5x I would achieve this at 125ish but still the same power with a slight increase in aura power.  In all reality, as it is now you will be able to get the good leveling spots a bit faster with a very slight increase in power but negligible at this point in the development stage.  Not saying it won't pay off in the end just depending on future add-ons really.

    We had 1x'ers get to 170 in the same spot 3x'ers are complaining about getting to 160.  So is a 5x going to get to 150 and complain about boredom?  Most likely

    I say make 4x and 5x mean something.  For instance at 4x seraph, have Wing boost of 10% all stat boost and 5x at 15% all stat boost.  Or add on to the wing boost already in place.  We get boosts at 100,200 and 300 so add some small boost for 400, 500 with a greater boost at 1000 base stat.  Plus some new graphic 4 and 5 time wings would be cool just to look good.

    Personally, if we are going 5x for sure, I would say jump clear to 10x and make end content to justify if.  Plus with the boost above this would get some to serious over-seraph just for the potential extra  boosts.

    One request though.  Can we get a different oracle quest for 4x and 5x?  That has always been and will always be one of the biggest complaints of over-seraphing is the repeating of the same quest to get there.  Or put the oracle access scrolls in the webshop on a serious sale after 5x get introduce.  Like a 5 pack for the price of 2 regulars or a 10 pack for the price of 3.  Lets face, almost everyone has multiple characters at some point.

    Created: 07 January 2014 16:02 by wasted
  • You are so funny too...

    If you read attentively,the word powerful meant that you can achieve 200+ thus have more stats for more effective builds like ancient saga char. So you just understood wrong,but thats okay. Now as for 10x. Its so easy to you to sit here and say "yeah go 10x for final shit and get rid off all the headache". You d probably understand if you are not a complete fool,that all this work requires shittons of time and effort. Wolve does shit for all players then you comeback and not satisfied again,I wanna say u kinda enjoyed ur game when Saga HGM was in charge,even though he secretly spit in ur face laughing... A good opportunity to renew the server that was years in deep,deeeeeeeeeep shit,but thats for instance... Moving further. Who said new items,gear,weapons wont be introduced? Your judging the situation having absolutely no idea what awaits in future. Then goes wing boosts. The most epic bs that ever been made,hopefully we will get smth more effective in future,again according to Wolve.And yet again as Aleandra stated - don't wanna seraph? stay at ur 3x... I personally bet you will give up on it pretty quick. Nothing offensive,just brought steel facts. Peace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mr Gunblade
    Created: 07 January 2014 17:02 by gunblade
  • 4x or 10x Seraph.

    Like I stated before and agree with Wasted best bet is to either go 4x or 10x and have content and items to compliment each final seraph. Thanks.
    Created: 07 January 2014 17:54 by sejien
  • lol

    Wonder after which rebirth you will start crying that ur tired of doing same quests again and again for all ur countless characters or complaining that ur tired to spend money on webshop for countless Oracle scrolls.
    Created: 07 January 2014 18:18 by gunblade
  • WoW lol Ok

    The problem with going 10X is that you will have to do all AR , RD and SH quests to access the NPC in order to overseraph , Who in there right minds want to do that. On other Servers i have been on you could just use portals and go to SH and do it fast but not on this server so it will be a pain to go 10x. To be honest it wouldn't be worth it then , most of the old players would only have to do it twice which would be just enough.imagine doing all access quests 7 more times each and thats without counting if there is another quest to overseraph lol. I don't understand that one person is trying to make the game imtresting and that people just bitch about it. If you so fucking good then y are you not a DEV or a GM to input and do something about it rather then bitch.
    Created: 07 January 2014 19:10 by Elrik292
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