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4th Saga Scenario Event

  • 4th Saga Scenario Event

    Dear Saga players! I want to announce that on the 12th of April at approximately 4 pm EST I am going to start the Great 4th Saga Scenario Event! This event will take place every week or so. I will announce the next part, don't worry and is consisted of 4 Acts (Each Act represents the island the scenario will take place) with up to 5 phases in each. Basically this is a search event, but in some phases there will be minor different events too, so its an event in event!

     Pay attention that Scenario is a TEAM event. Thus everyone who would like to participate will be in a team. Players will need to decide on a team captain too!

     Plus! There are no restrictions applied to characters level but the island level cap (for example Act II is RD so players below level 50 won't be able to participate).

     Furthermore, on each phase there probably will be different teams. Don't worry it won't matter if you missed a phase, there is no YOU MUST hehe.

     ATTN: READ THIS PLEASE! Since each phase is kind of time consuming and you participate and you have to leave on some point, please page me! I will right down your name and calculate the prize, depending on how far you went in the phase!

     Right before each phase I will repeat the rules, in case someone forgets.

     I wish to see you there and enjoy the 4th Saga Scenario! Cya in game!

    Created: 11 April 2014 20:37 by Deadwood
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