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26-7-2014 Updates

  • 26-7-2014 Updates

    ADD NPC Cousin UndyedAlot
     -To undye capes back to original skins.
     -Located with Cousin DyesAlot.

    ADD Radiance Spell
     -Wis Mage spell, group blesssing effect.
     -Weaker than normal bless spell, also gives light radiance.
     -Bless and Radiance doesn't stack, one dispels the other.
     -Lv. 117, 82 int, 161wis, 39 skillpoints, need bless and mass healing.
     -Teacher in 4th isle temple.

    MOD 185+ Evil Follower (skeletons)
     -Lowered light resist a bit.

    MOD The Eye of Death
    -Increased drops, slightly.

    MOD: Auction House
    -Removed VIP requirement for guilds.
    -To try encourage more use and another benefit for guild houses.

    MOD Guild House Key
    -Increased area pull for guild scrolls.
    -Before it mostly took 1 player.
    -Now it should accommodate at least 2-3.

    ADD QuestBook Quests
    -12 quests added for new player / low levels.
    -9 are completely new low level quests.
    -You'll find the NPCs scattered around LH.

    MOD 4th Island (Ancient Land)
    -Monsters similar to old settings
    -Much tougher compared to how they have been recently.
    -Increased drop rates.
    -Pestilence priests is still primary leveling spot (get air resist pots!).

    MOD/ADD Draconian Priest
    -Allows player to now summon 4 elemental dragons instead of just air.
    -One summon at a time.
    -A reward system for this is being conceived.

    MOD Spells
    -Restoration, reduced healing.
    -Healing Wave, reduced healing (caster gets less heal than grouped players).
    -Rupture, reduced damage.
    -Earth Explosion, reduced damage.
    -As they were all too much.
    Created: 26 July 2014 15:52 by Alastor
  • Changes To The Right Direction

    Now if we could only increase the number of max items you can have auctioned would be awesome,

    something like 30-40 per user, 10 is far to low.


    Int mages miss one handed weapons so either we have to stick with skull dagger or invest 130-150 int for knife of power and wand of lost sorcery.

    Would love to see 2-3 options as far as one handed weapons go /thx.

    Created: 29 July 2014 11:42 by blasphemus
  • Question

    Why u improove Wis ... and int mage sucks ?? i dont know why ... u should do something for it! 
    Created: 30 July 2014 06:22 by eruption
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