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2:2 PvP Tournament (2) video on youtube

  • 2:2 PvP Tournament (2) video on youtube

    there are not many participants in this category so the tournament ends quickly teamwork that considers a key factor for winner is very important aganist dark mage's team i think everyone would bet on team who got dark mage u know but there's another result next time you can be the main on video don't hesitate to participate upcoming 1:1 tournament Saturday, April 6, 2019.

    I uploaded the video 2:2 PvP Tournament on youtube u guys will be able to check the wrong parts n get some feedback for next PvP thank you to Shini n Chacol ets staff who prepared this in the server that has been bored xping everyday but these energized the serve for a while for sure these were very fun n excited i put a tournament list of match in the video to make sure who fought and won ets u know enjoy it ^^  or 
    By Elia Martell on RM
    Created: 03 April 2019 01:41 by sugubu
  • 201~230 in Range

    201~230 in Range
    Created: 03 April 2019 02:05 by sugubu
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